Best Cordless Drills

Find a Drill for all Your Home DIY Projects

Drills are tools primarily used to drive fasteners or make round holes. They are fitted with a bit, either a driver or a drill, depending on how you use it before securing with a chuck. Drills widely vary in power, speed and size. These tools are basically corded electrical-driver devices. Over the years, the traditional hand-operated kinds have slowly decreased its popularity especially with the introduction of the cordless, battery-powered drills.

Cordless drills are also electric drills; only, they utilize rechargeable batteries. The most common types are those with a hammer drill configuration where you can see a clutch that will help drive screws to different substrates without the risk of damaging them. Right angle drills are designed for tight spaces. To help you with your buying, here is a review on some of the best cordless drills in the market today.