Best Ideas for Raised Garden Beds

Updated July 10, 2019

Best Ideas for Raised Garden Beds

Spring is coming, and it’s the perfect time to expect more color into gardens. Some homeowners want to cover their gardens with flowers, while others choose to plant their own crops. Nonetheless, raised garden beds prove to be a great addition to your yards to help you with all your gardening needs. Aside from the beauty that they offer, they can also help with the following:

  • Help with drainage
  • Protect plants against pests
  • Provide easier access to crops

A beautiful garden bet can certainly increase your home’s overall curb appeal, and it will surely help you with a lot of things as well. Thinking of great design ideas for your raised garden beds? Take a look at some of these options:

1. Pyramid Shaped Garden Beds

Adding some pyramid shaped garden beds will help increase the overall beauty of your garden. Aside from looking great, they also work best for those people who have a small garden or yard. The tower build is a great idea so that it won’t take up so much space, compared with other raised garden designs.

2. Colorful Raised Garden Beds

Painting your garden beds is also a great idea. By doing this, you will be making the colored garden beds as a focal point in your garden, which can definitely make your garden look much more unique, fun, and inviting. You may also want to try experimenting with patterns instead of simply using solid colors.

3. Stone Raised Garden Beds

Using stones, as material for creating your raised garden beds is also a great idea. This way, you will be adding a more natural look for your garden. It can also act as a privacy wall, shielding you from others depending on how your raise it. Using stones as a material will still help your garden look pretty, without having to sacrifice your privacy for it.

4. Turn Your Garden Beds Into A Greenhouse

Even though its spring and the weather is expected to be nice, turning your garden beds into a greenhouse can also be a good idea. As a homeowner, you wouldn’t know when sudden cold spells or bad weather may come, and having a greenhouse will be a great way to keep your plants protected.

5. Add Handles to Your Garden Beds

Adding handles to your garden beds do not only make them unique, they also provide you with an easier way to transfer or move them around if you want to redecorate. You can also easily move your garden beds into an area where there is more sunlight, or shield them from storms as well. If you are growing in vines like tomatoes, the handles can also be a place where your plants can wrap their vines around, keeping them from growing outside of the box.

6. Raised Garden Beds Using Old Furniture or Wood Cradles

Using cradle boxes can also be another great idea for adding raised garden beds in your yard. This can work if your garden doesn’t have  much area or room for plants. You can also use or recycle old furniture or materials such as washbasins, and simply drill in some holes and add in some wooden legs on it. The design also allows your garden beds to sit up high, which means that you can still use the room left underneath it to put in other items such as supplies or other decorations. They are also easier to move around if you want to redecorate.