Best Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Updated April 24, 2019

Best Outdoor Lighting Ideas


The season is slowly changing and it’s the weather is certainly getting better. More and more people are now enjoying the outdoors because of the change in weather. But have you ever thought of other ways to make your outdoor area look and feel much better? The weather is getting better, and you can now think of things to do as nighttime approaches. What about dinner barbecues or intimate gatherings outside your garden on a weekend night? Along with these activities are also ideas on how to make your outdoor space usable and prettier during the night. But how do you do it? Have you ever thought about adding some outdoor lighting? Cozy outdoor lights can help you utilize your garden, and it can also help you create a place for gathering where you and your family, friends and other guests will truly enjoy. Thinking of adding in outdoor lighting? Below are some great ideas you can try:

1.Try Using Lanterns

Lanterns are among the most versatile and most beautiful outdoor lighting options. You can easily hang them, or put them on the table to provide light and decoration outside of your home. You can also use them to line paths in your garden to guide guests to the area where you will hold your party or dinner barbecue. However, make sure that you take your lanterns back inside once your done using them, or better yet purchase lanterns that can be easily left outside no matter what type of season there is.

2. String Lights

Adding in string lighting, on the other hand, is also an easy way to lighten up your outdoor area. All you have to do is attach them up or hang them up on your window, walls, or wherever you may want to. After that, plug them in and switch them on and you’re ready to hold you gathering outside your home.

3.Security Lighting

Adding in some security or hazard lighting into your garden is also a great way to improve the overall look of your garden while thinking of other people’s safety as well. Do you have steps in your garden? Then what you can do is to add in some LED or floor lights into these steps in order to highlight them. This way, the steps will be highlighted, which will help your guests see them. This will make it safer for your guests as well. This can also work well by highlighting other areas in your yard or garden such as ponds or flowerbeds. This way, you will not just be showing off your yard’s best features and adding in lighting, but you will also be making sure to highlight any possible hazards as well.

4. Add In Porch Lighting

Another great and functional outdoor lighting idea is to add some porch lights. This way, you will be making your home more inviting to your guests, and you will also add in some added use for it as well. With porch lighting, you can easily find your keys whenever you arrive at home. This will also be a great way to highlight your home to your guests whenever they arrive at your doorstep. You can choose from various styles from classic to modern, and the design you choose will certainly make an impact to whoever knocks at your doorstep.