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Things to Consider When Changing Your Landscaping

Updated March 26, 2019

Things to Consider When Changing Your Landscaping

Changing the look of your landscaping has its benefits. Aside from enhancing the aesthetics of your home or property, investing in your landscape can also help increase its overall value. It can help you attract potential buyers or tenants in the future, and it can also help when it comes to welcoming your visitors.

However, many homeowners may be overwhelmed with the idea of landscaping, especially for those who have no background on it. Not sure about what to do with your home? Below are some things to consider when you are planning on changing your landscaping:

1.Study or Yard or Garden

When changing your landscaping, it is best to have a rough sketch or map of your current design. You can assess the site and take note of the areas that receive the most sun, along with the areas that have a lot of shade. Also consider the flow of water in your garden, because you may have trouble during the dry or wet seasons if you don’t put this into consideration.

2. What Do You Want?

The first thing to consider when changing your landscaping is to list down the things that you want for it. Do you want to have a lot of open space? Or do you want to have a patio so that your family can have a place to gather during the weekends or holidays? Do you want a lot of space for growing plants? Make a list of these wants and work around there.

3.Draw or Sketch Out Your Ideas

Before making any changes on your landscape, make sure that you have already made several sketches of your plan. Placing your ideas or thoughts on paper will help you focus and get rid of the ones that are unnecessary. You wouldn’t want to make changes on your landscaping right away and then find out later on that you want something different. Sketching or drawing helps you prevent mistakes and saves you time and money as well.

4. Find Your Focus

If you are new to landscaping, then it is best to follow some of the most basic yet important principles when it comes to design, and it is finding a focal point for your landscape. You may also want to choose a series of things you want to focus on. This can be an easy principle to follow when it comes to changing your landscape.

Do you want to highlight the beauty of your plant or a tree perhaps?  You can also focus on a sculpture, flowers, or anything that you want your visitors to notice or focus on when they look at your landscaping.

5.Check The Location

 Take note about where the sun rises, or other things such as the patterns of the wind. For example, if you want to have your patio placed on a side of a house that will get a lot of sun, then you might want to consider changing the location. You may also want to put your plants in an area where they can get the right amount of sunlight.