How to Attract More Birds to Your Yard

Updated May 16, 2019

How to Attract More Birds to Your Yard

Having birds in your garden is a great way to get even closer to nature. Aside from adding in some curb appeal into your yard and making it a better area in your home, you will also be helping birds survive as well.

But how can you attract more birds to come to your yard or garden? The basic rule of thumb in attracting more birds into your garden is to create a habitat or shelter for them. Your yard should also provide food for them as well. Below are some tips you can do in order to attract more birds into your yard.

Add a Birdfeeder and Put it in A Good Spot

One tip in attracting more birds into your yard is by adding in some bird feeders. There are birds that will get from any type of feeder, but others will have their own preference. For example, some birds will only eat on a feeder that is close to the ground while others will feed from a high location, such as a roof.

It is also important not to expose your feeder too much. While some birds may swoop in on the feeder right away, there are also ones that prefer to go for bird feeders that are covered. Try to balance the locations of your feeders. For example, you can place them near a large tree or shrub so that it will have a shade. Also make sure that you space your feeders out. Don’t put feeders too close to each other, and separate them by at least three feet away.

Add Water to Your Yard

Adding in water in your yard is also another thing you can do. To do this, you add a birdbath to be able to provide clean water to birds. To make sure that it remains this way, try dropping in a penny or some sort of copper tube into it to prevent the growth of algae. These kinds of materials won’t harm the birds as well. Another option is to din a pond in your yard. You can also improvise by using a tire and lining it. Moving water such as fountains or waterfalls will also attract more birds as well. During the winter, you install a heater on your birdbath so that you can still provide some water to the birds.

Add in Some Bid-Friendly Plants

Another way to attract birds is to add in more plants to your garden. This is because birds associate plants with food and shelter. You can add in shrubs in your yard, so that they can serve as nesting sites for birds. Having in more plants in your garden means more birds as well. Try to consider adding in these plants in your garden:

  • Conifers will give cover, shelter and nesting places for birds. These plants will also provide seeds as well.
  • Legumes or grasses are a great cover for birds as well. You can also add in plants that produce nectar in order to attract hummingbirds.
  • It will also be a good thing to add in plants that grow fruit, so that you can attract birds like woodpeckers. You can also consider adding in nuts, walnuts and acorns as well.