How to Get Rid of Daylilies

Updated July 10, 2019

How to Get Rid of Daylilies

Daylilies may look great on your garden because of their bright orange and yellow colors, the plant can actually begin to grow in a bothersome way and begin to spread in various and probably even unwanted areas in your garden.

Even if you dig a whole patch, it won’t usually be enough to get rid of the stubborn flowers and get rid of everything. However, eliminating daylilies is a task that can be accomplished, as long as you have patience and perseverance. So how do you do it?

Getting Rid of Those Daylilies

Below are some of the methods you can do in order to get rid of daylilies especially when they begin to be invade your garden:

Dig Out The Area

If your daylilies aren’t that many, you can try to dig them out manually and throw them out inside plastic bags. Make sure that you throw out the plastic bags and seal them properly though. Daylilies can grow back easily even from parts of its root, so you might be creating a problem for others if you don’t dispose of them properly. Also check your soil if there are any remains of the roots of tubers as well.

Mowing the Area and then Mulching

You can mow the area that has been invaded by daylilies. What you can do is to use a mower blade and put it at its lowest setting, and then proceed to remove all of the growing plants. If these flowers are growing in an area that cannot be mowed, you may try using a string trimmer instead. You can also mulch the area after mowing it. Cover the entire area with about twelve inches of mulch. This will also prevent sunlight from being absorbed by the plants. Expect the mulch to kill off all the daylilies in about a year.

However, keep in mind that daylilies will probably try to go back through the mulch itself, so it is important to reapply mulch again if you see any green parts growing back through them.

If you see any daylilies growing back, you can add in a layer of newspaper. Water it well before adding in another batch of mulch.

Using A Plastic Weed Barrier

You can also cover places or areas that have been affected with a plastic weed barrier. This way, the daylilies will not be able to receive sunlight, which will eventually kill the plants themselves.

Weed Killers

If all of these types of methods fail, you can use a handy weed killer. However, make sure that you use it carefully. Weed killers are powerful, and they can end up killing the plants that are close to the daylilies. Herbicides can destroy and kill anything that it is able to coat, so make sure to keep them away from plants that are important to you. You can coat the daylilies all you want, but don’t let your weed killer near the ground or other plants that are close. Results can appear up to two weeks.