How to Keep Dandelions Away

Updated April 24, 2019

How to Keep Dandelions Away

You are doing everything you can to make sure that your lawn and garden are in perfect health and appears to be lush and beautiful. But, a lot of factors can ruin the beauty of your lawn and garden, and that includes the dandelions. Dandelions can grow anywhere, and they proved to be hard to kill, but certainly not impossible. There are many chemical solutions in the market that can kill dandelions, but there are also organic ways to get rid of dandelions completely. The chemical method may cause more harm o your grass and plants, though they can be easily applied. But the organic technique can prove to be more effective, and it poses less potential for damage to your grass and lawn, though it is a lengthy process.

Hot water for eradicating dandelions

Dandelions are definitely not good for your plants or lawn grass because these flowers steal the water that is supposedly for the growth of your grass and plants. While water gives life to dandelions, hot water can cause the dandelions to burn easily, which will lead to the leaves becoming yellow and curl to die. Pouring hot water to the dandelions will kill them efficiently, but you also need to be very careful in not including your grass or plants in the hot water process. Though when you are killing dandelions in your lawn it is cannot be avoided that some of your grass will fall victims to the hot water, this sacrifice must be done in order to completely get rid of dandelions. What you can do is repair the damage on your lawn after the hot water did their work.

Salt the Dandelions Away

Dandelions are admirably resilient flowers that unfortunately you do not need in your garden or lawn. They grow everywhere, especially in places where you don’t want them to. Dandelions are extremely hard to get rid of, as when you try to pull the roots, the dandelions will just spring up at full force to taunt you. One secret to eliminate dandelions for good is to use salt. Pour a teaspoon of salt into the soil where you have pulled out the dandelion, and do the same process to each area where dandelions used to grow. But in doing this process, make sure that the weather is sunny, and there is no potential to rain. Ensure that the soil is completely dry, and avoid using the sprinkler or do not water your garden or lawn for a whole day or two while applying salt to your soil. Also, make sure that your garden plants are not in contact with the salt, because salt will surely kill dandelions completely, but salt can also kill your precious plants and flowers.

Salt is an inexpensive way to make dandelions disappear from your garden and lawn, and it is a kitchen product that is always available in your home. You don’t need to use expensive chemicals or hire professionals to take care of the dandelions. Use only salt, especially when money is tight.

Vinegar Herbicide for eliminating dandelions

The early fall season is the perfect time to eliminate completely the frustrating dandelions from your garden and lawn. These flowers are broadleaf, herbaceous perennials that die in the winter months, but their roots are still alive and grow again after winter ends. Using organic vinegar that contains the highest acetic acid percentage, you can kill the dandelions before they sprout in full again. Culinary vinegar has low acetic acid, but you can boil it in order to increase the acetic acid level.

When you apply the organic vinegar, make sure to spray only the leaves and stem of the dandelion, because this solution can possibly damage your lawn grass or your garden’s plants. Exercise caution in the application of organic vinegar to the unwanted dandelions, and though this method will take longer to do since you need to apply vinegar one by one on each of the dandelions in your dandelions in your property, this herbicide is an effective and proven technique to kill dandelions completely.

Tips on mowing your lawn before and after killing dandelions

Before you use salt, hot water, or organic vinegar to kill dandelions in your lawn and garden, allow three days of not mowing your lawn before you apply the herbicides. This gives time for the dandelions to be completely visible in your property, which makes it easier to spot them when you process the application of your chosen herbicide. After the application, give another three days before you start mowing in order to give enough time for the herbicide to seep deep into the roots and ultimately killing the dandelions.

When using slat, hot water, and organic vinegar in killing dandelions, you can use a durable sprayer to complete the job. Always make it a point to wear protective gears when applying the organic techniques to get rid of dandelions. Wear protective gloves, eye masks, and overalls in order to prevent hot water to scorch any part of your body, or to make sure that vinegar will not come in contact to your eyes, or to ensure that salt will not hurt your hands or feet.

If you prefer to pull the dandelions from the soil first before you apply hot water, salt, or organic vinegar to the ground, use the proper dandelion puller tool in order to guarantee that you’re completely pulling the roots successfully, and then pour your selected herbicide into the soil. This process may take longer to finish, but it is extremely effective.

Remember to always apply the salt, hot water, or organic vinegar only when there is no chance that rain water or sprinkler water can obstruct the killing process. If in case that it rains after your applied your organic methods, simply repeat the whole application process again. You can do this on your own, or you can ask for a professional and expert assistance from a local lawn and garden service company.