Lawn Care Chores You Should Do Every Week

Updated April 24, 2019

Lawn Care Chores You Should Do Every Week

Your lawn is a very important aspect of your beautiful home, and it needs extra care in order to keep it well-maintained and clean.


Fertilizing is a very important task that you need after you have processed seeding for your lawn. It is the best way to achieve a purely lush lawn that your neighbors will definitely admire. You would need to fertilize your lawn once a week in the fall season, and do it just once or even twice when the spring season comes. If you have minimal time to handle this chore, what you can do is create five to seven sections in your lawn and do the fertilizing chore every day for each section, which will amount to fertilizing once a week for every partitioned space. Depending on the size of your lawn, per section could take around 30 minutes to finish fertilizing. When summer finally arrived, continue fertilizing your lawn once a week, but you may want to add mineral supplements to your fertilizer if you can see that the lawn has turned yellow or faded.


Mowing lawns has a one-third rule, which means that when you mow your lawn, never go beyond cutting one-third of the grass. Make sure that you only use one-third of the grass blade, as it is the recommended level for any lawn grass type. Mowing is best done once a week only specially during the fall and summer seasons. However, when spring comes, you may want to do mowing once or twice a week. Mowing your lawn normally takes one hour to finish for a typical size lawn, but if your lawn is bigger in size, it may take more than an hour, and if it is smaller in size, less than one hour will do. Don’t forget to wear your safety gears when mowing, in order to protect yourself from thrown debris, grass, rocks, and other things that could fly off the mowed ground.


Edging is an important task for your lawn. Even if you mow your lawn every week but failed to trim the edges, you lawn will still look to be unkempt. You need to have your own durable edge trimmer and trim your lawn’s sprawling grass at the edges once a week. Edging will take around thirty minutes to an hour, depending on the size of your lawn.


Contrary to popular beliefs, watering your lawn does not need to be done every day. Your lawn simply needs approximately one inch of fresh water weekly. Once a week deep watering is the best method to maintain the plush beauty of your lawn, as well as stimulate healthy root structure. You can put up an irrigation system or sprinkler system that contains a built-in sensor in order to figure out how long your lawn needs to be watered every week. Typically, lawns need to be watered at least one to two hours once a week.

Repairing lawn damage

Your lawn cannot escape damage, even for a minimal one, especially when you have kids or you entertain often in your yard for barbeque sessions. Fungus, disease and pests can also play a huge part in damaging your lawn, and so you need to repair the damages once a week, typically on the weekends, or depending on your free time. The bare spots in your lawn are an ugly occurrence, as well as holes and diseases areas. You need to apply a trusted seeding mixture formula to the damaged areas. This formula solution must be the perfect blend of fertilizer, seed, and mulch in order to effectively repair your damaged lawn. Depending on the size of your lawn, it could take one hour to finish this weekly chore.

Lawn care outsourcing

It is great if you will have time to take care of your lawn every week, but you need to understand that it takes a lot of time and energy to keep your lawn well maintained. You can form a strategy to do one chore every day for the whole week, which still means that you need to spare one hour or more every day to do each task every day. That could be exhausting for you, especially when you have a demanding career, plus a family to take care of. Well, you the option to do everything in just one day, but that could also be tiring for you and you will lose one whole day of “me time” or “family time”. However, if you really love taking care of your lawn, your weekly task will not seem like work anymore.

Another option for your lawn care is to hire professionals to do the chore for you. You can opt to hire a lawn care service provider to process the weekly chores you intend to do for your lawn. Though this option will cost you money, this way allows you to spend more time for your self, for your family, and for your friends during your rest days. Though taking care of your lawn may feel rewarding and satisfying, nothing beats the happy feeling you will have when you spend your hours with the people you love.

Benefits of hiring a lawn care services company

Lawn care services have all the necessary tools to take care of your lawn every week. They know exactly what to do, and they have supplies of fertilizers, seeding solutions, pesticides, and other formulas and solutions that will keep your lawn plush, beautiful, and well kept. There is no need for you to buy mowers, edge trimmer, lawn supplies, and other tools and products that you need for your weekly lawn care. The lawn care service company already has everything they need to get the job done properly. Most of all, the professional lawn care service crews have years of experience in their belts, and they’ve studied and trained for the proper lawn care for every season, situation, and location. They know their craft and they do it well.