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When to Start Mowing Your Lawn

Updated March 26, 2019

When to Start Mowing Your Lawn

A well-maintained lawn cannot easily be achieved. It needs to be a result of constant maintenance in order to make sure that your lawn remains beautiful and well kept. Without proper maintenance, the trees and other plants in your garden might not stay healthy as well. This is because your lawn needs to be mown and maintained properly in order to enhance its overall quality. But what is the key to mowing your lawn? When is the right time to mown it? Below are some tips you should consider:

1. Take Note of The Time

Many homeowners might think that mowing their lawn is simple in a sense that they can do it anytime they want. But did you know that the best time to mow it is at around mid-morning? Lawns are also living organisms, and mid-morning at around eight to ten in the morning is the best time for mowing. This is because it is the time when dew or water has already dried up. This is also the time when the weather hasn’t gone hot yet.

2.Check The Height of Your Grass

In order to make sure that your grass will be able to develop healthy roots, then you should make sure that it is at least two to three inches tall before cutting or mowing it. Remember not to trim more than one third of the length, because cutting more than that length may cause your grass to become stressed, only damaging it. This is so that the grass doesn’t die before it starts to develop or grow.

3.Check The Health of Your Grass

It is also important to know that grasses are different, and the health or condition of your lawn will also be affected by various factors such as climate, the type of plants you have, soil type, and many others. The best time to check the condition of your lawn is during the spring, and have it mowed regularly based on its health. Regular mowing will keep your grass healthy because it also prevents the growth of weeds.

4.Did You Fertilize? r

Since fertilizer can also have a good effect on the overall health of your grass, the best time for it. You can fertilize your lawn during the start of spring or as it ends. However, make sure that you allow your grass to absorb all the nutrients before mowing your lawn.

Some Additional Tips:

  • After Mowing

One mustn’t forget about taking care of their lawn even after mowing it. To do this, make sure you allow it to recover for at least a day or around twenty-four hours before doing anything to it. You can also give it more water.

  • Check The Weather

Your location and the weather can also affect the time to mow your lawn, so it is also best to pay attention to it. If you live in an area where the weather can get cold or freezing, then you should know that it could cause your grass to become dehydrated. Be careful when mowing your lawn, because it can greatly damage it. If the weather is cold and freezing can happen, then you can cut it when it is longer. During rainy seasons, mowing can become difficult, so make sure that you wait for the grass to completely dry out before doing anything to it, preventing damage.